Tidewater Tonal Refresh

  • DateDecember 30, 2016
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Hello everyone,
Welcome back to the Tidewater Farmhouse! Last time we toured the foyer of this classic beauty. Now we’ll take a peek inside the living room.

Inspired by the gorgeous river setting of the property, we created a modern tonal palette by layering tranquil shades of cream, beige and khaki.

We extended the “greige” wall color from the foyer into the living room. You can catch a glimpse of the foyer through the doorway on the left. The bead board back of the built-in bookcase is painted a slightly deeper shade to highlight the vintage creamware.

All of the existing seating was reupholstered in a mix of neutral-toned fabrics. Patterned geometric and animal print throw pillows add pizazz to the solid pieces.

Mercury glass and vintage silver accessories catch the light while a soft pet/family friendly custom rug anchors the furnishings.

For a one-of-a-kind look, I styled the corner shelves with the homeowners’ charming collection of old children’s books and personal mementos.

Next time, we’ll visit the dining room. In the interim, my sincere wish to you for a healthy, happy, stylish New Year!

All the best,